Anonymous asked:

I hope this isn't a dumb question but where is the kennedy library? I'm not from America but I'm doing a tour of some states and I would like to visit it (sorry my English is not very good)

No, no, your English is fine, and it’s not a dumb question! Not a lot of people know about how presidential libraries are distributed throughout the states! It’s in Massachusetts (Boston). Kennedy was from MA, so that’s where it’s located. If you want to visit other libraries, just find out where the president you want to explore more about is from in the US. You should also visit the library sights in order to make sure of whether or not you can just walk in and enjoy tours and stuff, or if you have to register in advance for tickets to exhibits and tours! 

PS. If you’re looking for a state to visit, come to California! We’ve got Reagan and Nixon and their libraries are in really nice areas! :)))))